A/C System Pressures


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KNOW YOUR PRESSURES. The first question we ask any customer that's having issues with their auto air conditioning system is, "What are the system pressures?". There is much to be learned about the components operations and replacement needs once the high side pressure and low side pressures have been identified. Before spending money on an expensive auto repair, have your installer explain to you the current ac system operating pressures. 


 When Suction side pressures are below 20psi.
Your AC System may be low on refrigerant (R134a or R12).
Leaks can occur at any joining of system components including the components themselves.

 When Discharge side pressures are higher than 320 psi.
You may have a restriction in your system.
The AC Expansion Valve may be malfunctioning.
Your system my require a complete system flush and the replacment of oil and accumulator.

 To Learn more about your system pressures watch video below.

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