Automotive A/C System Descriptions

automotive ac system
Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor System
In the last 70 years our cars ac system has undergone many changes. Electrical components have been added to monitor and control the performance of the a/c system and with it has brought different operational considerations. The correct ac system oil type, oil amount, and oil viscosity is imperative to reach desired operating temperatures and system operating pressures. The refrigerant flow starts at the compressor to the condenser to the accumulator to the expansion device to the evaporator and back to the compressor. Read on to learn more about your car’s a/c system parts and how they function.  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


auto ac compressorAuto A/C Compressor
Although often deemed the issue at hand, your auto ac compressor is merely a pump. Providing the overall system with a high-pressure source to pump and low-pressure suction source to maintain the flow of refrigerant.


accumulatorAuto A/C Accumulator
The purpose of an accumulator is the store excess liquid refrigerant and to absorb moisture from the system. Extreme damage can be caused when liquid refrigerant is introduced to an ac system and the ac accumulator performs the task of stopping the action. It is recommended to replace this ac system filter whenever the ac system has been opened to replace other parts.


Auto AC Expansion valveAuto A/C Expansion Device
Your car could be equipped with about 3 main types of expansion devices. Orifice Tube. Thermal Expansion Valve, or Thermal Expansion Block Valve. Orifice tubes will typically be found near the inlet of the evaporator core or the liquid line between the evaporator and ac condenser. Expansion valves and block valves are another effective way to meter refrigerant by monitoring both temperature and pressure. Expansion valves and block valves are typically found on the evaporator core or firewall.


auto ac condenserAuto A/C Condenser
The air conditioning condenser works much like a radiator does for your car’s cooling system. A condenser actually condenses the refrigerant from a gas state to a high pressure liquid state. Generally the condenser will look much like a radiator with open fins to allow air flow for the cooling of ac refrigerant. Commonly with Ford and select other ac systems the overheating of the ac compressor can cause debris to become stuck in the lines of the condenser. Replacement of the condenser is recommended when this occurs.


Auto AC EvaporatorAuto A/C Evaporator Core
Your car’s ac evaporator core is located inside of the vehicle and is the area in which the cooling occurs. As refrigerant enters the evaporator as a low pressure liquid the that has been metered by the expansion device to ensure freezing doesn’t occur. Your car’s blower motor pushes the air through the cooled evaporator unit and through the vents.


ac switchAuto A/C Pressure Switches
In the advancing world of automotive computer controlled components, your car’s air conditioning system has not been overlooked. There are array of Low pressure, High pressure, Compressor Cut Off, and Cooling fan Temperature and Speed sensors and switches that control your ac system. When diagnosed correctly these switches can save the system from future warranty work or eliminate the original repair entirely.


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